Uangdoi Design Dressmaking School has been the first dressmaker school in Chiang Mai. Ministry of Education awarded Royal Reward this school in 1997. This school has been very popular in dress designing for more than 30 years. The curriculum of school has been developed for both Thais and Foreigners. Teachers graduated in dress designing field from France and have a good high experience in both France and Thailand. Besides, teachers are also consultants of dress designing. The school has got a lot of reward. These are for Standard of School Certificate.
Reviews: Are you thinking about doing something fun and productive? This could be a good choice for you: Uangdoi Design- the first tailoring school in Chiang Mai which has been cutting cloth for over 30 years- will convince you that tailing is not hard work and that everybody can do it! Uangdoi Design Dressmaking School is also the first vocational institution receiving a Royal Award and interestingly, it is the only tailoring school in Chiang Mai which teaches in English. Here, learners can select from a variety of course offered including designing, patterning and embroidering. Also, for those wanting silk dresses, work attire or something special, Uangdoi Design, with their talented and experienced professionals, can meet your demands.
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Extra Curriculum – Specifically Repairing
Learn how to help yourself and family, as well as work as a main job or a second job.
- Take on/Let out
- Tapering/Mending
- Jeans
- Zipping
- Buttoning
- Patching
- Dress restyling
- Shortening and lengthening
Some students can use these subjects to work abroad such as in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, etc. as well as working at the Zip Yard Company.

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Open Tuesday - Satureday 9.00 a.m- 3.00 p.m


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